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This is les @rotondes 's flipbook. The only request was to start from their logo (the two dots), I could then be totally free regarding what I wanted to express :)

Since it was my first time creating a flipbook, I started with several animation tests to get used to the process. These tests were nice to watch, but they were empty. So I decided to focus instead on the message of my animation's narrative and to think about what the circle means and brings to me. It is a shape I particularly love because it expresses the feeling of universality, union, togetherness, perfection, completion, of a culmination, a whole, something vast and yet so precise, of light. We are made up of this element, it makes us feel alive, allows us to explore freely and motivates us to share it.

It's a metaphore that we can apply to so many aspects of life, including the spirit of les Rotondes.

Carrying a seed in you, making it grow and leaving an impact for those coming after you. Illuminating, and sharing creativity and imagination, opening doors that are sometimes unusual and unknown in the name of openmindedness and exploration.

A funny fact about the title:
I had another title initially. I was a bit stuck, so I asked help around and a lovely friend, after flipping the book a few times, came up with Flying Tandem, and then Tandem Running. Tandem running is a behaviour observed on ants, where one would lead an other to the food source it found. I love this metaphore.

You can find more info on, and if you would like to explore and meditate on the flipbook, it can be found on sale on their webshop (250 copies)!

I hope it can talk to your soul!

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