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This is the 2d project created for les Rotondes' beautiful exhibition "Flip Off".

Taking darkness of doubt and confusion away, bringing light and life with care and calm.

This little animation had to find its inspiration in a tale, and I chose the Big Friendly Giant (Roald Dahl). There are so many symbolic and meaningful moments/scripts to be analyzed and meditated on.
I only had 24 images to represent a message, which is not much, so I especially wanted to focus on an efficient symbol, but still leaving room for interpretation and exploration.
"It's just all rather hard to believe" is one of Sophie's quotes when the BFG brings her to the door of a wondrous world she'd never been able to see yet.

These 24 images have been printed and put together in a playful Flipbookit box and are now exhibited alongside other animated boxes at les Rotondes (Luxembourg) until the 12th of February.

I read this commentary about the movie that I agree with: "where the film makes its most significant contribution to the audience is when it manifests that fantasy landscape into a tangible, real life world. We can transform those hazy stupors into experiences to be held if only we have the courage to give them life". 

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@ Gilles Kayser
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