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marie lavis

I'm Marie Lavis, I create

still and moving images. 

After a preparatory year at Atelier de Sèvres (Paris), I studied visual communication at HEAD (Geneva), and graduated in 2018.

I am French, Belgian, Luxembourgish, currently based in Luxembourg.

I was born in 1996.

I'm a music lover.




Bobby McFerrin

Ecole de Jazz de Genève

HEAD - Genève

Innovative Leisure

Jacob Collier

Jamie Leeming

Jon Batiste

London Creative Network x Space Studios

Maria Chiara Argirò

Metropole Orkest

Metropolis Ensemble

Montreux Jazz Festival

Ronnie Scott's

Les Rotondes

Shai Maestro

Soul Bag Mag

Universal Music


Ville de Luxembourg


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